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ePOS Live is a point of sale system especially designed for small and medium businesses. It offers inventory management, cash…

POS Point of Sale pos Software Point of sale Software ePos live

Islamabad 2017 Academic Educational Examination Result online 2017 Academic Educational Examination… is best website to view your latest academics results as soon as available for educational year 2016-2017. Our results…

Board Result Translation Services Online result Pakistan board News


Software house in Quetta - Reliable Innovative Technologies Pvt(Ltd)

Software house in Quetta - Reliable Innovative…

Reliable Innovative Technologies Pvt(Ltd) is a software development company that develop softwares for businesses, private and…

software school software school management system accounting software accounting system website


Free online Math, Physics & Chemistry videos for Pakistani Students - Sabaq Foundation.

Free online Math, Physics & Chemistry videos…

About Us in Urdu Sabaq Foundation Overview Sabaq Foundation Trust was founded in 2012 as a registered non-profit Trust with Government…