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Waterproofing, Heat proofing, Termite Proofing, Leekage Seepage, Fumigation


Heat Proofing, Waterproofing and Epoxy Coatings Services

Heat Proofing, Waterproofing and Epoxy Coatings…

Universal Services is a sub-company of Ammar Group of Companies. Universal Services Official Website is and…


MarFlex Group

MarFlex Group

Offering the best in vinyl products and solutions for geoengineering projects, founded in 1993 MarFlex is your go to partner…

Vinyl plastic swell bar geo material water proofing wall panels


Roof Leakage Waterproofing Treatment and Heat Proofing

Roof Leakage Waterproofing Treatment and…

Roof Leakage Repair, Treatment and Waterproofing Services Karachi without dismantling with 5 years of warranty. Call 0300 2222906,…